Our Services

Design Services

We design welding masks and machining masks for your products to optimize the manufacturing operations.
Our many years of experience in making such designs are at your service at best prices.

We will help you with our team of experts, and give you solutions as well as consulting in making new products.

Product realisation

We bring your projects to production by our own experts, by our machineries and by a network of well-established external suppliers.
No matter how complicate are your parts, we can make them.

After processing

We are proud of the quality standards for our products.
We can assist you on any issue you can face in the market by prompt actions being performed by our quality, engineering and manufacturing team.

Why choose us

We are experts in processing metal parts by large scale CNC machines to manual and robot welding.
We have many years of experience in realizing agriculture machines parts and car related machines parts for the Italian and Croatian markets.