Our Machine Capabilities

Our machines cover a wide range of operations that can be done for the customer’s parts.
We believe offering the best possible service to our customers.

Milling Machines

Haas EC1600ZT with Rotary Table

Travel: X : 1626mm, Y: 1270mm Z: 1016mm
Power: 22.4 Kw
Max Weight on Platter: 4536 kg

HAAS Mini Mill

Travel: X : 406mm, Y: 305mm Z: 204mm
Power: 5,5 Kw
Max Weight on Platter: 536 kg

Kent Milling Machine

Travel: X : 1025mm, Y: 517mm Z: 409mm
Power: 15 Kw
Max Weight on Platter: 954 kg

Graziano CNC Lathe

Max turning diameter: 330mm
Max. turning length:590mm
Reccomended diameter:230mm
Power: 22.4 Kw
Max Weight on Platter: 954 kg

Other Machines

2 X Panasonic 7 Axis Welding Robot

Two Tables for optimized production
Maximum length: 3000mm
7 Axis robot arms

2 X CNC Bending Machine

Maximum piece length: 4000mm
Maximum Force: 200 Tons

2x CNC CO2 Laser

Two serial Tables for optimized production
Travel: X =3000 mm Y = 1500 mm Z = 150 mm
Maximum Power: 3.5 Kw

10 Manual welding stations